Patent #9,770,386

Sauna Heating Apparatus and Methods

On September 26, 2017, High Tech Health International was awarded a patent for our technology enabling infrared sauna heaters for the first time to have both low electric fields and low magnetic fields.  The first truly low EMF infrared heaters!

Other infrared sauna heaters expose the user of the sauna to high electric fields and high magnetic fields.  This is because infrared sauna users sit close to heaters that have a significant amount of power running through them.  That significant amount of power results in high EMF in close proximity to the body.  These electric fields and magnetic fields are the achilles heel of the infrared sauna, an otherwise fantastic product.

A few other sauna companies are currently claiming that their infrared sauna heaters are "low EMF" or even "no EMF".  It is easy to see this is either ignorance or deceptive marketing because these companies never mention electric fields, only magnetic fields.

Prior to our invention, the best infrared sauna heaters either had low electric fields or low magnetic fields, but never both.

High Tech Health Saunas are the Lowest EMF Saunas

It is not possible to make a low electric field and low magnetic field heater without infringing our patent.  Any claims of low EMF by other sauna companies are either false, or patent infringement.  If you come across such a product, please report it to us so that we can inform our attorneys.  Intellectual property theft of American innovation should not be tolerated.  Please support American innovation.

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