Far Infrared Saunas


  • High Tech Health-designed, triple anti-field, far infrared heaters: lowest total EMF (patent 9,770,386) & perfect detoxification
  • Comprehensive lowest-total EMF cabin design - lowest "body voltage" of any infrared sauna
  • 100% highest-grade solid poplar wood
  • No plywood anywhere
  • Environmentally-conscious material selection
  • Fresh-air fan maximizes oxygen, minimizes CO2 for health & comfort
  • Most doctor recommended
  • Designed by High Tech Health in Boulder, Colorado

Infrared-induced PERSPIRATION bypasses overtaxed internal toxin metabolism directly eliminating toxins, especially reaching into the fat cells to RELEASE hard-to-reach stored toxins.

High Tech Health pioneered infrared saunas for detoxification and continues to give you the most advanced and capable saunas available.  Rejuvenate your skin while you relax and let go of stress giving your body the down time it needs to be its healthiest.

"Me time" has never felt so good, and been so healthy and easy!

NEW For 2019 Models:

  • World's first infrared sauna to utilize PVC-free / phthalate-free wiring!
  • First sauna with low-magnetic field power cable to the wall
  • Now with a 15% deeper bench
Vital Reaction Tablets

Vital Reaction® Tablets

Adding a Vital Reaction® Tablet to your drinking water BOOSTS magnesium levels in the body, and most people are deficient in magnesium.

The tablets effervesce producing a dense cloud of hydrogen gas that is held beneath the water's surface.  The Vital Reaction formula enables a higher-than-equalibrium level of hydrogen gas to linger in the water long enough to be consumed.


  • Ready to drink in 2 minutes
  • Highest hydrogen levels in an open top container

The Ionizer Plus® Water Electrolyzer

When water exits the body via the sweat, urine and stool, it transports and FLUSHES out toxins as well as the many acidic waste products of the body.

The Ionizer Plus modifies the tap water from the faucet in your home, producing the most beneficial and hydrating water possible (complete with bioavailable electrolytes) for only pennies per day.  It combines broad water filtration, state-of-the-art mineral concentration, with antioxidant dissolved molecular hydrogen to RESTORE the digestive system, RESTORE hydration (the body's critical tool for excretion), and protect the body with the antioxidant power of molecular hydrogen.


  • Ultraviolet Disinfection
  • Simple filter changes
  • No additives necessary

Chosen by Top Names in Health

Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.

"The best way to get rid of heavy metals and pesticide residues? The Infrared Sauna. My searching led me to a very reputable company, High Tech Health. You can call for information on the infrared sauna, the best sauna I could recommend."

Stephen Sinatra, MD

"Clearly, detoxifying ourselves is one of the biggest personal challenges of the 21st century. The sauna that I'm now using is made by High Tech Health in Boulder, Colorado. I use my sauna nearly every day."

** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  HTH products do not diagnose, prevent, or cure any illness.

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