What makes High Tech Health Far Infrared Saunas special?


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Innovative Heater Design

Our technology maximizes infrared output, efficiency, and reliability for industry leading benefits and clinic-level performance.

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Protect Your Health

Patented and proven lowest-total EMF heaters and cabin design of any other infrared sauna.

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Healthiest Infrared

Only the best clinically studied infrared with all of the benefits, without the proven damaging effects of other forms of infrared often used in saunas.

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Breathe Easy

Lowest VOC cabin from our use of 100% single hardwood construction.  Read about comparing sauna wood here.

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Necessary Comfort

High Tech Health Far Infrared Saunas all include active ventilation to minimize carbon dioxide and vent stale air for health and comfort.

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Unrivaled Expertise & Support

Infrared saunas preferred by the most health professionals for over 26 years.  Featured in over 40 books and many more publications. 

High Tech Health Far Infrared Saunas

Our saunas offer a deep, penetrating heat that helps to detoxify the body, relieve stress, and improve circulation, providing a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond traditional saunas. Their gentle warmth is not only soothing but also aids in muscle recovery and boosts the immune system, making them an essential component of a balanced health regimen.

Infrared Sauna Benefits Include:

  • Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular
  • Fitness & Recovery
  • Reduced Pain & Inflammation
  • Stress Relief and Mental Health

High Tech Health Transcend Smart Infrared Saunas

Revolutionary. Powerful. Easy.


Now Shipping!

Transcend Smart Sauna

The Transcend Smart Sauna: The biggest leap in saunas since infrared. Shipping in April, 2024.

High Tech Health Transcend Infrared Sauna Foundation Models


Poplar Wood or Hemlock Wood

Our largest model, perfect for larger bedrooms, spas or exercise areas. Made to fit 3 people comfortably.

Transcend TR-2

Beautifully proportioned and perfectly sized for most rooms. This sauna size seats 2 people comfortably.

Transcend TR-1

Designed to fit in smaller rooms where space is limited. All the functionality, while requiring a smaller footprint.

Our Customers Love High Tech Health Far Infrared Saunas


Leslie Weibel-Duke
Leslie Weibel-Duke
Cannot recommend enough. The product, customer service, and total experience is first class. The Sauna is amazing, super easy to build and the customer service during and after the sale has been perfect. Thanks, High Tech Health!
Tyler Clayton
Tyler Clayton
We are loving the sauna. We have been using it nearly every day. The fit, finish, and overall quality is top notch. We are very happy with it.
Sybil Mudloff
Sybil Mudloff
Tess and everyone I spoke with at health tech were amazing. Answered all my questions thoroughly. The sauna came to my house in about 1 week or less. Works great!!
Terry Brosseau
Terry Brosseau
I’ve had my High Tech Health 3-person sauna for a month now, using it 4+ times per week for chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog and it’s been a game changer for my quality of life. It is clear that the company has put a lot of time and effort into the quality of construction and back their infrared technology with the important data needed for me to feel quite confident to make the investment. Top it off with excellent and responsive customer service and it was very easy to give my experience and the company 5 stars. Tristan, the rep I worked with, was available to hand-hold me through the entire process of receiving the sauna, assembling it (it was pretty easy!) and following up a few weeks later to be sure all was going well. As for actually using the sauna, it’s quite easy. The control panel is intuitive and it heats up to a comfortable temp within 20 minutes - just enough time for me to do some gentle yoga and/or floor exercises to warm up my core temp a little. It’s quite roomy so I can continue to do some simple exercises inside the unit.
Larry Gassert
Larry Gassert
We completed an exhausting search for a Sauna which lead us to High Tech Health. Throughout our purchase process the staff at the company was both helpful and informative, and through each step High Tech did everything as promised. The shipping schedule and information that they provided was very helpful in determining that the equipment was delivered in undamaged condition. The sauna came with excellent instructions and was easy to assemble. Now that we have been using the sauna for 2 months I can say that it performs flawlessly and has positively impacted our health. I would absolutely recommend both the product and the company. Thank you High Tech Health!
Hillary Keyes
Hillary Keyes
I rave about HTH to anyone and everyone! My far-Infrared sauna and I have been through thick and thin for over 20 years. I have carried her with me all over the country and she's still in perfect shape, healing my injuries time and time again. I can't thank this company enough. Sincerely, Hillary
Keith Senior
Keith Senior
I purchased the TR-2 Poplar Wood 2 person suana and have used it everyday since. The suana is beautiful. Installation couldn't have been easier. Working with Tess from High Tech was informative, supportive, and without any pressures. I am very happy with the purchase and am appreciative of the type of company they are with all of their follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction.
Steve McGregor
Steve McGregor
We love our High Tech Health 3 person sauna. Tess was super helpful, getting us lots of information on what options fit our needs. We have had the unit for almost 2 months now and use it almost daily. Assembly was easy and only took about an hour for 2 people. One of the best investments our family has made for our health. Thanks Tess!!!
Michael Mullikin
Michael Mullikin
We have had the sauna for two weeks now. It was very easy to construct. The provided directions are very easy to follow. We have utilized every day. All components, lights, heater and sound, all work easily. We are happy with our new sauna!
Mobius Strip
Mobius Strip
Great product and service. Install isn’t easy but it’s not hard either. We two 70 year olds got it done in half a day with only a few aches and pains which we used the sauna to treat. Using it daily now and love it.
Established 1983

Who We Are


Saunas Since 1997

Now the longest running infrared sauna company in the country, High Tech Health started designing far infrared saunas in 1997 with our Thermal Life models. Today, our High Tech Health Far Infrared Saunas set the standard for the industry. Our expertise is unrivaled in the industry: staff and design team include an Electrical Engineer, Medical Doctor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, Biochemist, Biologist and Psychotherapist.

Our company has gained the trust of thousands of health practitioners, more than any other sauna company, and have been written about in over 40 books. We pioneered and invented low EMF heater design, with a patent pending and awarded patents US9,770,386 and US10,765,597.

Decades of experience working within the medical community, with environmental medicine experts, and with some of the most environmentally ill people has shaped and enabled us to make saunas optimized for everyone, including those with the most serious health challenges.

High Tech Health is what we do!

High Tech Health International, Inc.

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** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  HTH products do not diagnose, prevent, or cure any illness.

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