Sauna Delivery

Delivery Truck

You've Just Ordered Your Sauna, What's Next?

The delivery company will contact you 24 hours prior to delivery to set up a delivery time frame.  It is important to retain their phone number if they leave you a voicemail.

The delivery company will deliver “Curbside”, meaning the driver, for liability reasons, may not come onto your property.  They will likely set it at your curb or sidewalk.

Important -- At Time of Delivery:

The delivery person will require that you sign for delivery.  Your signature means that you are happy with the condition of the product as delivered.  So, it is important that you examine the packaging prior to signing (it does NOT matter how much of a "hurry" the delivery person is in -- they must wait for you).


It Should Look Similar to This:

Sauna Packaged for Delivery

Deciding to Accept or Reject the Delivery:



  • Scuffs
  • Torn plastic
  • Dirty boxes
  • Boxes that are dinged, dented, or torn at the corners and no wood is visible (it's okay, the packaging is there to take the abuse!)
  • Minor tears of the cardboard protecting your sauna
  • Damage to the pallet (its job is done!)
  • There are 4 boxes -- you received the entire thing!

Do NOT Accept:

  • If the boxes are delivered on their side:
Reject this delivery
  • If the pallet is missing
  • If there are punctures in any of the boxes, tear the hole open further to feel and look inside.  Reject the shipment if you can feel damage to the wood or sauna pieces.
  • If there is a large tear to the cardboard, tear the hole open further and feel inside.  Reject the shipment if you can feel or see damage to the wood or sauna pieces.
  • If the sauna sounds like a "rain stick" when they move it.  That means the glass is broken inside.  Do not accept it.
  • If there are fewer than 4 boxes

↓ Accept

  • Write a note about the condition of the delivery on the "Proof of Delivery" paperwork (P.O.D.).  Especially write down any packaging damage that you aren't sure about.
  • Go ahead and sign it and accept the delivery!


  • Write on the "Proof of Delivery" (P.O.D.) document that the shipment is damaged.  Describe the damage.
  • Take photos of the damage if you can.
  • Tell the delivery person that you reject the shipment.


  • Call High Tech Health customer service at +1 (720) 239-1485 and tell us that you rejected the shipment.
  • Email photos to [email protected]
  • We will get a new sauna out to you as soon as possible.

↓ Bring Inside

Two People:

  • Carefully lay the boxes down on their side.
  • Open the boxes and bring the pieces in one-at-a-time.

Questions or Issues?      Call Customer Service: +1 720-239-1485

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