The Latest Development in Infrared Saunas? Triple Antifield Heaters.
High Tech Health Exclusive - US Patent 9,770,386

The Most Effective Far Infrared Sauna for Radiant Health

Since 1997, High Tech Health has been designing infrared saunas for health professionals and people serious about their health.  Now written about in more than 40 books, High Tech Health infrared saunas define the standard by which all other saunas are compared.

From our lowest-EMF cabins and use of only premium materials, to our air-circulation design and state-of-the-art heaters, all High Tech Health infrared saunas include everything necessary for the most advanced sauna detoxification possible. That is why High Tech Health far infrared saunas are recommended by more MDs and other health practitioners than any other infrared sauna.

All of Our Infrared Saunas Feature:

  • Our Own Patented Triple Antifield Heaters That Mitigate All 3 Kinds of EMF (independently proven lowest total EMF)
  • Comprehensive Lowest-Total EMF Cabin Design of any Infrared Sauna
  • 100% Solid Premium Poplar Wood, or 100% Solid Hemlock Wood
  • Fresh-Air Fan Maximizes Oxygen, Minimizes Carbon Dioxide
  • Dual Sauna Controls (inside & outside)
  • Industry-leading Power-Efficient Design
  • Non-toxic, Non-outgassing, Solvent-free Wood Glue
  • Electronics Certified to Europe's Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Built to last!
  • World's first far infrared sauna to utilize PVC-free / phthalate-free wiring!
  • First sauna with low-magnetic field power cable to the wall

NEVER in Our Infrared Saunas:

  • Particle Board (which emits formaldehyde)
  • Plywood (which emits formaldehyde)
  • More than one kind of wood (so you know what you are getting)
  • Carbon heaters (energy wasteful, poor reliability, high electric field EMF, typically high magnetic field EMF)
  • Near infrared (damages eyes, accelerated skin aging)
  • Formaldehyde-based wood glues (common to most wood furniture)

Transcend® Far Infrared Sauna

Design, style, and engineering come together in a sauna that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Transcend's cabin is designed for minimal distraction with an open and spacious feeling interior that invokes a clear mind and encourages stress to melt away as you soak in the soothing heat.

The cabin's interior and exterior woodwork boast an unmatched level of refinement and detailing.

Leading innovations in materials and heater design put the Transcend far infrared sauna in a class of its own for healthy design, as well as efficiency and reliability.

Transcend saunas come standard with everything you could want in a sauna from premium sound by Pioneer to the best chromotherapy in the industry.

Designed by High Tech Health in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Pioneer® Stereo
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • Heater-top Tables for your Glass of Water
  • Chromotherapy Lighting
  • Tinted Glass

Models Available:

Three Person Model

Two Person Model

One Person Model

Three Person Model

Two Person Model

One Person Model

High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna: Designed for Longevity and Optimal Health

High Tech Health far infrared saunas have a unique and patented design that enables our saunas alone to fully realize the potential benefits of far infrared therapy.

Lowest Total EMF Far Infrared Sauna

High Tech Health holds the patent on the triple antifield far infrared sauna heater with the lowest electric field EMF and lowest magnetic field EMF.  See our third party EMF testing report here. EMF exposure in other infrared saunas is many times higher than your exposure from most all other electrical products.  Other infrared sauna companies that claim their saunas are low EMF are almost all only low in magnetic fields, and still have extremely high electric fields.  EMF exposure has been shown to cause sleep disturbance, headaches, brain fog, depression and anxiety, and also increase oxidative stress, premature cell aging, and DNA breakage.  Read more about the evidence for the dangers of EMFs here.  High EMF levels in a sauna take away from the many benefits that could be had from far infrared sauna therapy.  Our saunas are one of the lowest EMF electrical products you can own. 

Far Infrared ONLY, Never Near Infrared

Other infrared saunas, besides exposing the user to high electric and magnetic fields, often expose the user to near infrared or “full spectrum” infrared light which has been shown to promote cataract formation, photo-age the skin, increase oxidative stress, and even potentially promote skin cancer.  Read about the evidence for near infrared sauna dangers here.

There are no known significant adverse effects of a far infrared sauna.  When a far infrared sauna is designed with negligible magnetic fields and negligible electric fields, and when it’s designed to exclude near- and mid- infrared light, there is a growing body of research showing that far infrared sauna therapy can promote longevity and optimal health.  Read about the evidence for the many benefits of far infrared sauna therapy here.


Expertise and Knowledge

Not only is the quality of our far infrared sauna unmatched, but the expertise and knowledge of our team is unrivaled in the sauna industry.  We have a higher customer rating than any other infrared sauna company, with a 4.7 out of 5 Google rating.  We are proud to be the only infrared sauna company that bases 100% of our claims and our product design on scientific evidence.  No gimmicks, only science.  See our HOME PAGE to read more about what makes us unique and for customer reviews.

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Aluminum is one of the most difficult metals to remove from the body tissues so this extreme level presented quite a challenge. A protocol of nutritional supplements was initiated and eventually infrared sauna therapy, with corresponding aluminum levels going down as follows: Feb. 1999 197 level Oct. 1999 44 level Feb. 2000 19 level June 2000 23 level Nov. 2000 13 level Jan. 2001 7 level

Rusty M

Once I started using the Infrared Sauna I used the DMPS Challenge as a benchmark tool to quantify my status so that I could monitor my progress. The dates are as follows: Mercury Score Date DMPS Challenge June 140 Received 5 DMPS Treatments: Last treatment 5/14/01. November Began Infrared Sauna Treatments 6 Hour Challenge January 24 43 May 14 16 I have continued to use my Infrared Sauna and have not chosen at this point to have another DMPS challenge test. I feel very confident that I no longer have heavy metal toxicity. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to feel well again! I hadn’t realized at the time how poorly my body and my mind were working. It is wonderful to have my brain and my life back. I do whole-heartedly recommend the Infrared Sauna as an invaluable tool in everyone’s detoxification protocol. In today’s world where environmental pollution continues to compromise our health it is a tool that I will use for the rest of my life. And one more important thing, I actually enjoy it!

Deborah G

As I sit her at my kitchen table and think about how I was last Christmas day, I started to thank God for all of you at High Tech Health. Last Christmas Day I could hardly walk 100 yards without sitting and resting and could only drive short distances. After securing your water system and far infrared sauna I can honestly say with pleasure that I am vastly improved. I’ve seen many changes! My strength and endurance are back, my chemical sensitivities have gotten better and I now have hope that someday soon I will lead a normal life which I now do about 85% of the time. After two months on your sauna and water system I went back to work. During those 2 months I rode a mountain bike daily up and down hills in the mountains working my way up to 20 miles in one ride. Also this fall I went back to officiating basketball at the high school level. Last December I thought I would never be normal again or be able to do the things I like to do. And I am now able to eat out in restaurants without any problems….something I didn’t do for a long time. I believe someday I will be completely well and so does my medical doctor, Dr. Rogers. This Christmas has been great for I’ve gotten the gift of health. I thank you in part for being a part of this gift. Thank you for your kindness, support, professionalism, knowledge and care….and helping me receive my health back.

Roger M

For over twenty (20) years my lower back pain has been so bad that I could hardly work. Since I have been a dentist for 29 years I thought the pain was even caused by my work. The very first time I used the Thermal Life Infrared Sauna my back pain went away. The next morning I got up pain was a miracle. Dentistry is also a toxic job. The Sauna has also made my life better, my thinking clearer and my job a whole lot less painful. I have tried so many things to stay healthy. This is the one thing I could not live with out. Thank you High Tech Health!

Dwight T

I bought my far infrared sauna about two years ago. I am a dentist and have been in practice since 1979. Years ago, I did amalgam fillings for patients. Amalgam fillings (silver fillings) are fillings that contain mercury. Because I used to do amalgam fillings, I had my systemic mercury level checked. My mercury level was off the chart. I had other metals that were also too high. As soon as I got my sauna I started to regularly use it. Approximately three months after I got my sauna, I got my mercury level rechecked. My mercury level was below the detectable level. In other words, the test indicated that all the mercury was gone! The physician's office told me this was very unusual. They said it normally takes more time to get the mercury out when it was as high as mine. Besides the elimination of the mercury, I have derived many other benefits from my sauna. People always tell me my skin looks great. The sauna is spectacular for relaxation. Before I bought the sauna, I thought it was expensive. As a result of the health benefits I have received, I think the sauna is actually inexpensive. I think it should be a part of every house. It's like a health insurance policy~you can't afford not to have it.

Bradley H

Our son was six years old and diagnosed with mercury poisoning in January. In March, we purchased a poplar Far Infrared Sauna from High Tech Health. We put our son in it every day. We started at a half hour each day set at 110 degrees, then worked up to 30 minutes at 130 degrees. He was under a doctor’s care during the process. After three months, we tested our son’s mercury level. Much to the doctor’s amazement and our own, the mercury was out of his central nervous system. I did not need a medical test to tell me this. I could see the changes in my son!

Irene S

In an attempt to help my clients detoxify, I started searching the internet and researching far infrared saunas. Many days and hours of research later I made the decision to purchase one of your companies saunas. The use of poplar wood with its clean look and no outgasing, the ease of assembly and the support staff available to answer any and all questions has made this choice a wise one. Since receiving and offering far infrared sauna sessions at my wellness center my business has increased tremendously. All my clients love the way it makes them feel both inside and out. This sauna is currently running 12 hours a day, five days a week so I placed an order for another one. This letter is to say thank you for marketing such a wonderful, high quality product that has helped so many of my clients and myself.

Shelley R

By the grace of God, we somehow discovered HIGH TECH HEALTH and the far infrared sauna last year. In the beginning of May we began to use it with Alex (who has autism) a few times a week. In the first two weeks, we were very consistent with the sauna and we began to see changes in our son. His ABA therapist and his speech therapist both said he was having a "breakthrough during those 2 weeks." In the past month we have had Alex in the sauna for 40 minutes a day at 130 degrees. My son's autistic "symptoms" are disappearing! He is no longer looking away; he is seeking us out, saying hundreds of words, and very rarely flaps his hands!!!! We are getting our baby back again! In addition, in the short time I've been doing the sauna with Alex, my ADHD symptoms, which I've had all my life, are disappearing as well!

Laurie Q

I write to offer our thanks to your staff for their exemplary service. We telephoned and spoke with both Matt and Jill separately on differing topics. Literature was received at the house and a gentle follow-up call was received from Matt who acknowledged we would be moving forward and to make contact when ready. Perhaps some 10 days later, my wife placed the order. The level of service provided by your team deserves mention and acknowledgement - there was no sign of mediocrity yet a service level of competence and sincerity which is sadly lacking in most organizations. How refreshing - and the sauna is marvelous.

Alan L

I wanted to let you know that I have been giving thanks daily for my far infrared sauna! I think it is important to let you know that one of the best parts of healing my Lyme disease has come from the sauna. I have struggled for 3 years from right knee pain, slight Bell's palsy, mental confusion, fatigue, weight gain, upset stomach and other increased neck pain and body stiffness. While there are numerous disabling symptoms that we suffer from, traditional treatment for Lyme disease has been limited to antibiotics. Spirochetes are tricky little creatures that raise havoc in the body! While a western treatment of killing these spirochetes with antibiotic therapy can cause other severe side effects, these ancient tiny worm like creatures can adapt to their changing environments. I have learned that we need to be creative in our approach to treating Lyme disease. I heard early on from my chiropractor that we need to heat the body to cook them out. While he recommended exercise at least 3 times a week to get body temperatures up, my knee prevented me from this treatment. It wasn't until I used my sauna regularly that I really practiced this theory. While working and living on the Cape I have witnessed many symptoms of Lyme. I have also witnessed many creative ways of treating Lyme. There are great alternative practitioners working very hard and diligently to help people with Lyme and its effects on the body. I think that it is very important to get the word out that the far infrared sauna is a must for anybody living with the effects from Lyme.

Licia F

About three years ago I was diagnosed with advanced Stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. As soon as I recovered from the shock of this devastating news I very aggressively began a search for causes of, and treatments for this dreaded disease. Early in this search I learned that heavy metals and particularly cadmium can contribute to this terrible scourge. A tissue analysis indicated my body contained a very high level of cadmium. Additional research suggested that the fastest, safest, easiest way of detoxification was to use a far infrared sauna. I immediately purchased such a device from High Tech Health. After ten months of daily use, another tissue analysis was done which indicated only a trace of cadmium left in my body. That was many months ago, however I still use the sauna on a regular basis as an integral part of my cancer treatment program.

Norm K

I have had problems with reoccurring infections all last year and after just finishing my 4th round of antifungal meds in January, I got all my symptoms back. At that time my doctor compared my immune function to that of an HIV-positive patient. I had such great fatigue and barely enough energy to even shower each day let alone cook dinner. I also had great neck & back pain along with debilitating numbness and tingling in my right arm. I read in Dr. Sherry Rogers’ book, Detoxify or Die, about far infrared saunas and had heard about them elsewhere as well. I realized I had to make a decision to save my health from this downward spiral & made the investment. My High Tech Health infrared sauna arrived in February and my life slowly started to change for the better. Now, four months later my elevated white blood cell count has dropped by over 5,000 points, I am off my thyroid & water retention meds, my uncontrolled blood pressure is now stable and I am taking less meds, my sinuses are clear, my back and arm issues have subsided & finally I have my energy back!

Judy M

We bought a Thermal Life far infrared sauna from High Tech Health in 2011 with the recommendation of our doctor. I discovered I had high levels of lead and mercury in my body from a couple hair analysis tests done over the past 10 years. The lead was very high above the "normal" range. With regular sauna use I found that I began to sweat earlier into the 45 minute session. My doctor gave me a test kit from the lab that did our hair analysis. They were trying to see how much heavy metals would be removed through sweating in a far infrared sauna. The kit included a small gauze pad that was placed on the abdominal area, tweezers and a vial for shipping. My results for lead being removed through sweating were very high. The lab asked that I weigh myself before and after the sauna. They noted that if I lost 1 liter of fluid my weight would drop 2 pounds. My weight loss was between 1.6 - 1.8 pounds. With this information they concluded that if I lost the same amount of sweat all over my body as I did on my abdomen....the total lead lost would be 1mg per sauna!!

Carl D

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