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the ionizer plus water electrolyzer


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rejuvenation in your glass of water


Can simply changing your drinking water make a significant impact on your health? It can. The water from the Ionizer Plus accelerates hydration, increases mineral absorption, provides an anti-oxidant boost, and balances the digestive system. In fact, it can make such a difference in your digestive system that we guarantee it will solve digestive problems within 30 days, or your money back.


All of that in a water ionizer at a cost of only 14 cents per gallon over the life of the device – compare that to bottled water!


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three simple functions it is all the water you will ever need


1. Electrolysis: This is the process that concentrates the minerals that already exist in your tap water making your water more alkaline and resulting in both water and minerals that are more easily absorbed by the body.


2. Filtration: Combined in a single, long lasting & easy to replace cartridge is a substantial block of granular activated carbon and a superior membrane filter. Together these two technologies provide state-of-the-art filtration, removing the things you don’t want from your water.


3. Ultraviolet Disinfection: To top it off, the machine also applies an ultraviolet light to the water to kill virus.


And it accomplishes all of this with NO ADDITIVES so you can be confident that your water is the best it can get.


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no better water electrolyzer at any price


200 watts of Power: Provides all of the electrolysis you need without having to resort to additives from the filter.

Dura-Plat ™ platinum-coated titanium electrodes: Designed to never need replacing. The first Ionizer Plus’ were sold over 14 year ago, and they are still in service. No other water electrolyzer company can say that.

Available cleaning cartridge significantly extends product life: Most other electrolyzers do not have a simple way to remove mineral buildup from inside the machine. Most other electrolyzers also usually have a short life because mineral buildup inside the machine eventually causes a seal to fail, leaking water on the electronics and ruining them.

All of what you need, none of what you don’t: Our electrolyzer contains no gimmicks such as a pH or ORP meter. Accurately and reliably measuring pH or ORP is expensive, and such devices require calibration fluids and a great deal of maintenance. Any such devices added to electrolyzers are purely for marketing purposes and add no value to the water.

Made in Japan: The average tenure at our factory is over 15 years. When you devote your life to making the best product you can, it shows.


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recommended by more health practitioners than any other


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