The Ionizer Plus® Water Ionizer

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ionizer plus water ionizer

Upgrade Your Water

The Ionizer Plus® water ionizer transforms your tap water into the healthiest water possible. By alkalinizing your water and concentrating the minerals already present in your water and making them and the water itself more easily absorbed by the body, Ionizer Plus water has the capability to reverse metabolic acidosis, and promote the increased excretion of toxins. It also has all the filtration and purification that you will ever need – all in one modest counter-top unit.

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  • Granular Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Membrane Filter - Removes All Bacteria
  • Electrolysis via Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes
  • Made in Japan
  • Easy Filter Changes
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection for Viruses

How Does it Work?


The water routed through the ionizer first encounters the granular activated carbon portion of the filter where chlorine and chemicals are absorbed. Next it goes through a hollow-fiber membrane. This state-of-the-art filter removes everything larger than .1 micron (one tenth of a micron), which includes all bacteria. This feature will eliminate such bacteria as e.Coli, giardia, and crypto sporidium.


Then, the water is treated with direct current in a process called electrolysis, resulting in the splitting of oxygen and hydrogen. Although microfiltration and ultraviolet will yield safe, clean water, the electrolysis treatment is the most important function of the product. After converting household current to direct current, the water enters an electrolysis chamber where there is a series of electrodes separated by a membrane. This membrane allows calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are cations or positively charged ions, to be attracted to the cathode (negatively charged electrolysis terminal). The minerals at this point become ionized and, therefore, much more bio-available; otherwise, the inorganic minerals found in water are too large to absorb. The membrane allows the water now concentrated with minerals to be separated for drinking.


Last, the water is treated with low dose ultra violet, approximately 15,000 microwatts per square centimeter, to eliminate viruses (the bacteria has already been filtered out). The ultraviolet light will remain on for 30 seconds after the water stops flowing to eliminate reverse contamination of the unit. This is another exclusive feature of the Ionizer Plus.

The alkaline water separated by the membrane is delivered for drinking by the stainless steel fully adjustable hose/spout from the top of the device.

The acidic water on the other side of the membrane comes out the secondary hose into your sink for collection or disposal.

The machine produces about 1.5 gallons of water per minute, a gallon of alkaline and a half gallon of acidic water. The Ionizer Plus has a design life of about twelve years (similar to many appliances). The price, including filter changes, works out to be about 14 cents per gallon... a small price to pay for the daily use of a water unit that will dramatically improve your family's health.


The ionizer plus water ionizer connects to your kitchen faucet via a diverter valve.  When the valve is in one position, water flows through the machine.  When the valve is in the other position, you use your sink as you normally would.  There are also options to connect the water ionizer to a specially installed faucet in a corner of your sink, and to install it under the sink.

Option #1: Attach the Ionizer Plus adaptor to a threaded ended screw faucet. This option allows you to still use your faucet like normal.

Option #2: Install a separate dedicated faucet to the right or left of your main faucet and have the Ionizer Plus on your countertop. Dedicated faucet purchased separately here:

Option #3: Install a separate dedicated faucet to the right or left of your main faucet and have the Ionizer Plus under your sink. Dedicated faucet purchased separately here:



The Ionizer Plus needs a standard 120V outlet.

Don't Use with Water Softeners

Water electrolyzers, including the Ionizer Plus, should not be used with water softeners. Water softeners typically exchange the calcium in the water for sodium, making the water high in sodium. The water electrolyzer then further concentrates that sodium. Most people’s diet is already sufficient or high in sodium, so consuming such water is not recommended.

People with water softeners who want to use the Ionizer Plus will have a plumber run a cold-water line that bypasses the softener. In difficult situations, it can be easier to run a cold-water line off of an outdoor faucet – the outdoor faucets should have bypassed the softener because the high sodium (salt) content is bad for watering plants.

Can't Be Used with Kitchen Sprayer-faucets

Some kitchens have replaced standard faucets with sprayer faucets. The Ionizer Plus comes with two faucet attachments which work for most standard faucets, but they cannot be used with sprayer faucets. Our customers with sprayer-faucets typically put their Ionizer Plus in a laundry room, bath room, or some other location with a standard faucet. Some customers have a plumber install a separate ionizer-only faucet in their kitchen sink.

Cold Water Only

Granular activated carbon filters, such as the one used in the Ionizer Plus, cannot have hot water run through them. The hot water causes the carbon to clump together effectively clogging the filter. One advantage to having a faucet dedicated to your Ionizer Plus is that you can have the faucet tapped from the cold water line without an ability to run hot water out of it.


MANUFACTURER Akai Electric Co. in Tokyo, Japan
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Electrolysis water system
INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION Point-of-use; countertop
WATER SOURCE CONNECTION Connection to sink faucet end via faucet diverter
POWER CONSUMPTION Approximately 200W during processing
SIZE 10.4" (26.4cm) W x 12.6"(32.0cm) H x 6"(15.2cm) D
WEIGHT 8.5 lbs. (main unit dry) -- 11 lbs. shipping
MAXIMUM SOURCE WATER TEMPERATURE 86°F (30°C) -- Higher temperatures will damage filter
OPERATIONAL WATER PRESSURE 9.9 - 85.2 psi (using diverter pressure sleeve)
PROCESSING CAPACITY Approximately 1.5 gal. per minute (source water)
LEVEL ADJUSTMENTS Direct user-adjustable pH settings: 4-stage alkaline, 4-stage acidic, electrolysis OFF
ELECTRODE MATERIAL Platinum-coated titanium
ELECTRODE CLEANING SYSTEM Microprocessor-controlled automatic self-cleaning according to processing volume and elapsed time
FILTER TYPE Built-in 2 stage 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane plus granular activated carbon
FILTER LIFE EXPECTANCY 6000 liters (1583 gal.) -- Approximately 1 year for a family of four
FILTER CHANGE INDICATOR Volume meter (retains volume number without power) -- Audible and visual indication
OTHER INDICATORS Filter needs replacement, UV bulb needs replacement, Water pressure too low/high
ULTRAVIOLET LAMP 254 nanometers
ULTRAVIOLET LAMP LIFE EXPECTANCY 2,500 hours or 20,000 times used -- Typically about 14 years
WARRANTY Limited 5-years on materials and workmanship
SAFETY APPROVALS Underwriters Laboratory, C.S.A (Canadian Standards), TÜV / CE (European Standards)


Nearly all Ionizer Plus orders ship within 24-hours, and many ship the same day. We ship anywhere in the continental United States with 3-day delivery. Due to its expense, we always ship “signature required”, so make sure you have it sent to a place where someone will be available to sign for it. We charge a flat fee for shipping anywhere in the continental United States, regardless of your location.

We can ship anywhere in the world (in fact, we have sold our Ionizer Plus in over 45 countries)!  If you are located outside of the continental United States, please call or email us for a shipping quote.

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