The Ionizer Plus® Water Ionizer

ionizer plus water ionizer

Upgrade Your Water

The Ionizer Plus® water ionizer transforms your tap water into the healthiest water possible. By alkalinizing your water and concentrating the minerals already present in your water and making them and the water itself more easily absorbed by the body, Ionizer Plus water has the capability to reverse metabolic acidosis, and promote the increased excretion of toxins. It also has all the filtration and purification that you will ever need – all in one modest counter-top unit.

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  • Granular Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Membrane Filter - Removes All Bacteria
  • Electrolysis via Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes
  • Made in Japan
  • Easy Filter Changes
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection for Viruses

How Does it Work?


The water routed through the ionizer first encounters the granular activated carbon portion of the filter where chlorine and chemicals are absorbed. Next it goes through a hollow-fiber membrane. This state-of-the-art filter removes everything larger than .1 micron (one tenth of a micron), which includes all bacteria. This feature will eliminate such bacteria as e.Coli, giardia, and crypto sporidium.


Then, the water is treated with direct current in a process called electrolysis, resulting in the splitting of oxygen and hydrogen. Although microfiltration and ultraviolet will yield safe, clean water, the electrolysis treatment is the most important function of the product. After converting household current to direct current, the water enters an electrolysis chamber where there is a series of electrodes separated by a membrane. This membrane allows calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are cations or positively charged ions, to be attracted to the cathode (negatively charged electrolysis terminal). The minerals at this point become ionized and, therefore, much more bio-available; otherwise, the inorganic minerals found in water are too large to absorb. The membrane allows the water now concentrated with minerals to be separated for drinking.


Last, the water is treated with low dose ultra violet, approximately 15,000 microwatts per square centimeter, to eliminate viruses (the bacteria has already been filtered out). The ultraviolet light will remain on for 30 seconds after the water stops flowing to eliminate reverse contamination of the unit. This is another exclusive feature of the Ionizer Plus.

The alkaline water separated by the membrane is delivered for drinking by the stainless steel fully adjustable hose/spout from the top of the device.

The acidic water on the other side of the membrane comes out the secondary hose into your sink for collection or disposal.

The machine produces about 1.5 gallons of water per minute, a gallon of alkaline and a half gallon of acidic water. The Ionizer Plus has a design life of about twelve years (similar to many appliances). The price, including filter changes, works out to be about 14 cents per gallon... a small price to pay for the daily use of a water unit that will dramatically improve your family's health.


The ionizer plus water ionizer connects to your kitchen faucet via a diverter valve.  When the valve is in one position, water flows through the machine.  When the valve is in the other position, you use your sink as you normally would.  There are also options to connect the water ionizer to a specially installed faucet in a corner of your sink, and to install it under the sink.

Option #1: Attach the Ionizer Plus adaptor to a threaded ended screw faucet. This option allows you to still use your faucet like normal.

Option #2: Install a separate dedicated faucet to the right or left of your main faucet and have the Ionizer Plus on your countertop. Dedicated faucet purchased separately here:

Option #3: Install a separate dedicated faucet to the right or left of your main faucet and have the Ionizer Plus under your sink. Dedicated faucet purchased separately here:



The Ionizer Plus needs a standard 120V outlet.

Don't Use with Water Softeners

Water electrolyzers, including the Ionizer Plus, should not be used with water softeners. Water softeners typically exchange the calcium in the water for sodium, making the water high in sodium. The water electrolyzer then further concentrates that sodium. Most people’s diet is already sufficient or high in sodium, so consuming such water is not recommended.

People with water softeners who want to use the Ionizer Plus will have a plumber run a cold-water line that bypasses the softener. In difficult situations, it can be easier to run a cold-water line off of an outdoor faucet – the outdoor faucets should have bypassed the softener because the high sodium (salt) content is bad for watering plants.

Can't Be Used with Kitchen Sprayer-faucets

Some kitchens have replaced standard faucets with sprayer faucets. The Ionizer Plus comes with two faucet attachments which work for most standard faucets, but they cannot be used with sprayer faucets. Our customers with sprayer-faucets typically put their Ionizer Plus in a laundry room, bath room, or some other location with a standard faucet. Some customers have a plumber install a separate ionizer-only faucet in their kitchen sink.

Cold Water Only

Granular activated carbon filters, such as the one used in the Ionizer Plus, cannot have hot water run through them. The hot water causes the carbon to clump together effectively clogging the filter. One advantage to having a faucet dedicated to your Ionizer Plus is that you can have the faucet tapped from the cold water line without an ability to run hot water out of it.


MANUFACTURER Akai Electric Co. in Tokyo, Japan
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Electrolysis water system
INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION Point-of-use; countertop
WATER SOURCE CONNECTION Connection to sink faucet end via faucet diverter
POWER CONSUMPTION Approximately 200W during processing
SIZE 10.4" (26.4cm) W x 12.6"(32.0cm) H x 6"(15.2cm) D
WEIGHT 8.5 lbs. (main unit dry) -- 11 lbs. shipping
MAXIMUM SOURCE WATER TEMPERATURE 86°F (30°C) -- Higher temperatures will damage filter
OPERATIONAL WATER PRESSURE 9.9 - 85.2 psi (using diverter pressure sleeve)
PROCESSING CAPACITY Approximately 1.5 gal. per minute (source water)
LEVEL ADJUSTMENTS Direct user-adjustable pH settings: 4-stage alkaline, 4-stage acidic, electrolysis OFF
ELECTRODE MATERIAL Platinum-coated titanium
ELECTRODE CLEANING SYSTEM Microprocessor-controlled automatic self-cleaning according to processing volume and elapsed time
FILTER TYPE Built-in 2 stage 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane plus granular activated carbon
FILTER LIFE EXPECTANCY 6000 liters (1583 gal.) -- Approximately 1 year for a family of four
FILTER CHANGE INDICATOR Volume meter (retains volume number without power) -- Audible and visual indication
OTHER INDICATORS Filter needs replacement, UV bulb needs replacement, Water pressure too low/high
ULTRAVIOLET LAMP 254 nanometers
ULTRAVIOLET LAMP LIFE EXPECTANCY 2,500 hours or 20,000 times used -- Typically about 14 years
WARRANTY Limited 5-years on materials and workmanship
SAFETY APPROVALS Underwriters Laboratory, C.S.A (Canadian Standards), TÜV / CE (European Standards)


Nearly all Ionizer Plus orders ship within 24-hours, and many ship the same day. We ship anywhere in the continental United States with 3-day delivery. Due to its expense, we always ship “signature required”, so make sure you have it sent to a place where someone will be available to sign for it. We charge a flat fee for shipping anywhere in the continental United States, regardless of your location.

We can ship anywhere in the world (in fact, we have sold our Ionizer Plus in over 45 countries)!  If you are located outside of the continental United States, please call or email us for a shipping quote.


Below are testimonials from customers whose lives were changed by using our Ionizer Plus water ionizer and/or our far infrared sauna.

I wanted to send you my testimony of my Cat Duke and how he no longer has Cystitis because of your pH water filter product. Here's my story: I have a Mainecoon cat named Duke, who, has for several years been afflicted with feline Cystitis. I have had Duke treated for Feline Cystitis with several Vets while living and all the treatments were the same: Antibiotics with a canned food that you can only get from the Vet, that my cat hated to eat. None of the Vets could give me any information regarding a solution, so I started researching on the Internet for Feline Cystitis and what could be my alternative treatments. I found a wonderful information page that stated that my cat’s system may be too acidic where it is easy for crystal to form in his urinary tract, so If I could place enough fresh filtered water around the house and keep him hydrated it may help. A friend of mine was staying with me for the winter and he had brought with him a AKAI Water Filter that specifically had a PH filter incorporated in it and when my cat Duke started drinking this water, his cystitis ceased to exist! It has been 2 years now and Duke has NEVER had Feline Cystitis ever again! I mentioned it to my Vet in Palm Desert and she was very interested in my success. More Vets need to hear about this for their other customers that may be continually suffering from Feline Cystitis. Duke and I want to Thank High Tech Health for your water filter and we look forward to being a customer for a lifetime! Sincerely, Diane U., California

Diane U.

Since I have been aware of the terrible tasting water, I purchased your alkaline water unit a few years ago. I was told by your company that it removes 100% of many of the bad things in water. I wanted to make sure I was getting the highest quality alkaline water, so I had my alkaline water tested. This test was a basic test along with testing for copper and lead. I was very pleased to find out everything tested came out in the normal range. Prior to this testing I had purchased a prefilter for removal of heavy metals. This prefilter was not needed so I returned it to the manufacturer. I am happy to say that your Ionizer Plus alkaline water unit is doing a great job of supplying us excellent water. Quality water is so important to us since we drink lots of it and use it for cooking. Sincerely, Sandee C. Connecticut

Sandee C.

It has been 14 months since we’ve purchased our Ionizer Plus water filter and it is still working great. All the reasons we purchased the filter: the health benefits of high alkaline water, (we are on Level 4), the ultra-violet disinfection, the carbon and the membrane filtrations - are just as valid now as they were the day we purchased the filter and they can all be summed up in the phrase "peace of mind". We just don't worry about the quality of our water. In fact, when the Washington Post recently ran an article about the prevalence of the pesticide atrazine in some drinking water, we were confident that our filter could remove it. My wife prefers the taste of the water over our tap water and even over most bottle waters. She describes the water as smooth and bright. In fact, she said that she had never before noticed that the average drinking water had any friction to it, until she tasted the ionized water. I prefer it also and I take three 25-oz glass bottles to work every day to drink at my desk. We have never regretted purchasing this filter for one minute and expect to enjoy the benefits of using it for many years to come. Sincerely yours. Scott B., Maryland

Scott B.

I purchased our Ionizer Plus on the recommendation of my doctor, who was treating me for elevated levels of heavy metals poisoning. The process of detoxification of such high levels is a long and arduous one, and pure water is an essential factor in recovery. I am happy to report that I have made remarkable progress. I live an active and productive life today, and without a doubt, I credit the pure alkaline water from my trusty Ionizer plus as one of my essential tools of the path to health. I am grateful to Mr. Johnson for having the vision to create High Tech Health, to you, Linda and the rest of the staff who continue to develop and sustain it. Cordially, Grier B., Arizona

Grier B.

I would like to thank High Tech Health for providing a markedly reliable water filtration system. I purchased the Akai MS-900UV unit last year after a friend of mine who is very technical and research-minded related that he had purchased the unit after painstakingly sifting through all the marketing for water filtration systems. In that conversation, he explained to me that the basic process for purifying water is the same but the distinctive feature of the Akai is the ability to regulate the pH of the water. This was important to me since I enjoy coffee and I was experiencing some issues with my stomach due to "acid reflux" which can be aggravated by an acidic level in the body often caused by diet and other factors. The knowledge that I could reduce the pH in my water by using the Akai gave me a measure of control in this area. I am pleased to report to you that I have had the water filtration system a year and continue to enjoy drinking water that does not taste like chlorine. At a dinner party recently, my guests remarked at the great taste of the water and also the coffee they were drinking that was made using the same filtered water. They happen to know the friend who recommended the unit to me initially. He has a reputation for procuring high quality products in general and is intelligent concerning consumer purchases and other matters. The results observed by me and others along with what led me to purchasing unit adds weight to the wisdom of my purchase. So, you may have some new orders soon! I am grateful that someone I trust recommended the unit since there are numerous advertisements that can be difficult to sift through effectively. I would like to relate that I have found it to be exactly what I expected and have never had any issues. It has paid for itself since I now refill water bottles and this, in turn, helps the environment. It is also more convenient not to purchase heavy cases of bottled water or have some type of delivery service. I can say it is an important contribution to my health and enjoyment level of tea and coffee beverages. My satisfaction level is exceeding. Andrea Columbus, Ohio


Columbus, Ohio
Several years ago, my wife and I became aware of the health benefits of pure water. We had become increasingly concerned about the contaminants in the municipal water supply. We felt betrayed when we learned that the source of some bottled water was stated on the label to be "PWS", or Public Water Supply. My wife needs very pure water due to a disease, which, many years ago, began its irreversible attack on her liver. After doing extensive research on these subjects and water purification devices, we purchased our AKAI Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health, Inc. We are absolutely delighted with this machine. The Ionizer Plus produces very pure water very quickly. We drink the alkali water as our only water intake. We also use the alkali water for teas and food preparation. We find that the machine removes odor, chlorine taste, sediments and other contaminants from the city water supply. We are very pleased with the water that the Ionizer Plus produces. We are convinced that the combination of the ultraviolet light, the filtering feature and the ionization process produces superior water. We store our alkali water in 1 gallon glass containers and noticed that they do not harbor bacteria and mold growth. The acid water is used for our many house plants and they are much so that we have gone through several cycles of transplantation to larger containers. We would recommend the Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health, Inc. to anyone who wants to benefit from pure water. Sincerely, Dick & Nancy D., N. Carolina

Dick & Nancy D.

North Carolina
Without the help of the far infrared sauna and the clustered water filter I got from you, I would never have gotten well. From May ’95 to Nov ’99 I had an excellent job as an Upholstery Dept. Head and Instructor. Unknown to anyone, I was being overexposed to chemicals. The damage this did caused me serious health issues. When I was the very sickest and just learning about detoxing in 2001, I learned of High Tech Health. Through a series of many therapies, including the far infrared sauna and clustered water machine from you, I am getting well. The biggest improvement in my health was when I had my silver/mercury fillings removed. This was as per your suggestion. After that, the sauna worked even better. My brain fog began to lift and now I am pain free for the 1st time in 4 years. Today I am hosting a campground in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and writing a book to tell of my journey. I feel great! I’m even jealous of me. I still need to be careful about exposures and I’m not generating any income yet, but I have come a long way. Thanks to you and your products. You once told me that I’d get well, but I was so sick that I didn’t believe you. Thank you for convincing me to trust you. Please let your other patients/clients know of my success story. Thank you, Bill. And thank you High Tech Health. Sincerely, P.J.M., Minnesota & North Dakota


Minnesota / North Dakota
First I want to thank you for your water machine that I purchased in 2006; the results have been great for me and my children! My daughter with eczema, after washing her face [with] and drinking the water the problems vanished. May I mention I also purchased the 2-person sauna back in 2006. I can’t even begin to explain its benefits on me. It taught my body to sweat which I never did! Now I break a sweat all year round, just by the slightest physical activity. I’m really happy with both products. Also I would like to thank Dr. Sherry Rogers for letting me find a great company like yours’. Sincerely, Thomas W., New York

Thomas W.

New York
In reference to your Akai water Ionizer the product is the best thing I have personally used in 40 years. This thing is a DREAM! My wife Adriana has been battling Stage IV Breast Cancer which is metastatic in nature (In the bone), as was our practitioner who suggested the product after she was using it for a while. What the Akai Water Ionizer has done has been to provide a "far superior product" than any out there in the market place. Ian provided exceptional customer service answering way more than we expected him to regarding the product. I will admit of course I was skeptical, when discussing this with Ian. Seeing is believing though. I personally started using the machine with my wife and we followed the protocol, actually taking a little longer to allow the acclimation period to work. I am confident when I say that this is part of the puzzle in my wife's fight against this terrible cancer. The water produced from the Akai unit consistently/dependably produces an exceptional/pleasing to the palette/beneficial to the body "water" loaded with all the good things that even the best waters lack in the market place. Nothing else even comes close to what the unit does for our energy levels and body. I always fight hard to keep the weight off as the U.S. Navy measures us every 6 months. This is very serious as my wife would lose her benefits if I were kicked out of the military due to something like a "body-fat issue" so this water provides a component for me that has assisted me coming down from 202 to 186 currently and dropping. My goal is a nice trim 180. I am a Chef, what can I say! Seriously though, as much pain as my wife is in and the role this ionizer has and continues to play with respect to her much more serious health issue is highly prized. We will continue to use the machine and enjoy it's benefits and highly encourage folks to see Ian on their purchase. Just look at the value. There are machines that may cost way more but I would put the Akai against them any day of the week or year! We use the acidified water for the plants and they thrive. We are at level 3 now and pretty comfortable there. Use it to cook with on strongest setting and know we are getting the best quality water vs. something loaded with chlorine and bad things for you! I feel like a "scientist" with the education I have received here from Ian and the staff. Jill and Vicki have also been a delight and very professional/helpful with all concerns. Our thank you to the president/owner of the company. I may even decide to buy another Akai water machine for our lake place. My wife feels more energy and is enjoying a great product to help alkalinize her body therefore NOT provide a great environment for this cancer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Respectfully, Mr. and Mrs. J., Texas

Mr. and Mrs. J.

I am absolutely in love with the AKAI water electrolyzer! I can literally say that it has changed my outlook on life immensely. I am a 25-year-old female and have suffered from acne since the age of 12. The severity of acne has changed over the years, but has never disappeared. I even modified my diet to try reducing my acne. For the last 8-10 years, I have adhered to a wheat-free, glutenfree, and dairy-free diet and still found no acne solution. The use of topical acne products advertised on TV, prescribed dermatology creams, and even homeopathic remedies offered little relief. Finally, at the age of 18, I resigned myself to waiting for the acne to disappear. I figured that by my twenties my skin issue would resolve itself. However, here I am at 25 and have only now found the solution. On April 25th, I began using the AKAI water electrolyzer at my mother's request. Due to stress, my acne was the worst it had been in years. Within 5 days of drinking alkaline water, my acne had resolved by 75%. The red, irritated, and painful bumps were almost completely gone. By day 15, even the red scar tissue was beginning to diminish! I now have the skin I have always dreamed of! I can't wait to wake up every morning and look in the mirror to see how much better my skin continues to be. Some other amazing things have happened because of the water electrolyzer. I had gained l0 lbs over the winter months and had been working out like a maniac trying to lose the weight! But, I shed 8 lbs in 3 weeks with the water Electrolyzer. I found myself losing water weight that I had previously thought was fat! Other improvements: The skin on my arms, back, legs and stomach is smoother and tighter. My hair is shinier, thicker, and healthier. My nails don't break as easily. I have almost completely lost my craving for sweets (I used to be a sugar fiend!) Where my tummy "pudge" used to be (along the belt line) is now flat and tight. All of the benefits of the AKAI water electrolyzer have been amazing. I would recommend this to anyone with symptoms similar to mine. I feel better, I look better, and my outlook on life is so much brighter! Thank you for being the answer of health I have been looking for! Sincerely, Sophia L., Montana

Sophia L.

My wife and I are conscious of what we eat and drink. From our mid-thirties to our mid-fifties we drank only distilled or Reverse Osmosis water. Before we reached 40, our hair began to gray, our skin became less pliable, and our energy level reduced considerably. I had acid indigestion. We suspected that drinking distilled or RO water leached out needed minerals from our bodies. So we tried all sorts of liquid mineral supplements, yet none helped. In November, we bought a High Tech Health "Ionizer Plus". After three years drinking alkalized water, our hair is returning to its natural color. My wife has natural blonde streaks where her hair was gray. Our skin is soft. We have more energy. My acid indigestion is gone. In my view, drinking alkalized water is the single most important thing a person can do to turn back the hands of time and enjoy a healthier life. Thank you for providing such a fine product. I wish you much success in the years to come. Yours truly, Steven S., New Mexico

Steven S.

New Mexico
This is the 1st time in over 15 years that my face around my chin doesn't have a rash of some sort over the winter months. I have gone to a dermatologist, used creams and done tanning on my face. I have had red itching patches on my head and behind my ears. This all would start as soon at the heat is turned on every winter. Since using the AKAI water filter/ionizing system my skin is clear all year long. I use a gallon water jug put it in my bath water to heat it up and when I'm going to get out of the tub I pour the water over my head and body. In the late afternoon I wash my face and use cotton balls with the acidic water as an astringent on my face and hair line. My husband and I love the taste of the water and I am thrilled with the results all over my body. I also have firm stools for the 1st time a long time. I just got back from a facial and they asked what problems I have with my skin. For the 1st time in 50 years (and this has never come out of my mouth before) "My skin is perfect I don't have any problems, No it is perfect!" I could not believe that came out of my mouth. They had to say that my skin and hair was perfect and I had to tell why. Because of the water!!!! Thank you Colleen and Dale W., Minnesota

Colleen and Dale W.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we are enjoying our Akai alkalizing water unit. Not only does the water taste much better than regular tap water, but there is no chemical smell to it like previously. Everyone that comes to my house drinks more water because it tastes so good. We could never go back to tap water again. I must say I was quite impressed after having my annual bone density test done. My bone density had increased 5% and the only thing I was doing different was drinking alkaline water. This change was noticed during the first year of changing to your system. My doctor could not believe it. I also noticed that my skin was softer and not as itchy and dry in the winter. I love drinking water and it's nice to know that I can get the best quality alkaline water with my Akai alkaline water unit. It's a nice feeling when you are doing something good for yourself. I say it's worth the investment because you can't put a price on good health. Sincerely, Sandee Lee C., Connecticut

Sandee Lee C.

As you know, I had been drinking Kangen water for about 9 months (my neighbor has the Kangen system and I would fill up jugs and buy from her). I could tell the difference pretty quickly in how I was feeling by drinking water with a higher alkaline balance. After 9 months of drinking the Kangen my neighbor informed me that she wanted to preserve the "shelf life" of her unit and would not be supplying me with any more water, but I could sign up under her (MLM plan) and get my own. This caused me to search out water systems before I made the plunge of buying the Kangen. I came across your site and was immediately drawn to the Akai. The first thing I liked was that it has the UV light for disinfection (the Kangen does not); your products are not a part of an MLM scheme, and you're located here in the States. Once I got your unit and started drinking the water I knew immediately I made the right choice. The water tastes so much better, it's easy to set up and use, it is way more "user friendly" than the Kangen, the number of doctors and clinics that use this system was impressive, and again, I was never pressured by you or anyone from High Tech to buy the unit. I use the acidic (5.0) water for a final rinse in my hair and shower and it is amazing how much smoother and softer my skin and hair is -I love the results! As far as customer service, when I have a few questions or need help, you or someone from your company are quick to provide service and help me in any way. I would be happy to be a reference for anyone who is trying to decide between the Kangen and your product as I know, after experiencing both, that the Akai is a superior product. Thank you again for all your help and I am SO HAPPY that I bought the Akai. Sincerely, Julie B., Texas

Julie B.

I thought you might be interested in some test results we recently got back from Tennessee Tech. University in Cookeville, Tennessee. Several months ago, when we moved here to the farm that my husband grew up on in Monticello, we had our water tested using a national water testing service out of Michigan. The results indicated that we had no pesticide run-off or other contaminants in our water. From what we'd been told by an environmental consultant, we needed to use a closer lab, one to which we could deliver a water sample within a couple of hours, to get a reliable indication of coliform or e.coli contamination. He recommended Tennessee Tech. Initially, our water showed unacceptably high levels of coliform. So we did a bit of research and decided to buy the Akai Water Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health. We'd bought a sauna from you a couple of years earlier, and were pleased with that, so we decided to do business with you again. We used the Ionizer Plus on our kitchen sink, and bought an expensive whole house water filter for the rest of the house. In May, just for our own information, we had the water retested at Tennessee Tech. to see how effectively both systems eliminated the coliform problem. We took one sample from the well site, to test the water before it went through either filtration system, then took a sample from the bathroom sink, which would measure how well the whole house water filter was doing, and finally, took a sample from the kitchen sink, where the water is filtered by the Ionizer Plus. And we're sending you the results. "B" represents the bathroom sink sample, "W" represents the well sample, and KSP represents the water at the kitchen sink, run through the Ionizer Plus. Obviously, we're NOT so pleased with our expensive whole house filter. We are very pleased with what the Ionizer Plus results show, and we thought you might be happy, too. We can't help but think of the old adage "you get what you pay for.” Obviously that doesn't always hold true. Sometimes you get far less than what you pay for, but in the case of High Tech Health, we feel that we've consistently gotten more. . . a rare thing in today's market.. So we are more than a little grateful, and just wanted you to know. All best, Jerry and Lisa K., S. Carolina

Jerry and Lisa K.

South Carolina
As I sit here at my kitchen table and think about how I was last Christmas day, I started to thank God for all of you at High Tech Health. Last Christmas day I could hardly walk 100 yards without sitting and resting and could only drive short distances. After securing your water system and sauna I can honestly say with pleasure that I am vastly improved. I’ve seen many changes! My strength and endurance are back, my chemical sensitivities have gotten better and I now have hope that someday soon I will lead a normal life which I now do about 85% of the time. After two months on your sauna and water system I went back to work. During those 2 months I rode a mountain bike daily up and down hills in the mountains working my way up to 20 miles in one ride. Also this fall I went back to officiating basketball at the high school level. Last December I thought I would never be normal again or be able to do the things I like to do. And I am now able to eat out in restaurants without any problems….something I didn’t do for a long time. I believe someday I will be completely well and so does my medical doctor, Dr. Rogers. This Christmas has been great for I’ve gotten the gift of health. I thank you in part for being a part of this gift. Thank you for your kindness, support, professionalism, knowledge and care….and helping me receive my health back. Sincerely and Respectfully, Roger M., New York

Roger M.

New York
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