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 Triple Antifield for Lowest Total EMF

Patent #9,770,386

High Tech Health has invented the first far infrared sauna heater to mitigate all 3 kinds of EMF and the technology was awarded United States patent number 9,770,386.  At the surface of the heater, our technology achieves virtually zero electric field, and the lowest maximum magnetic field of any heater.  No other sauna has heaters that have both low electric fields and low magnetic fields, and cannot because we have the patent for this technology.


Third-Party Confirmed Maximum EMF Levels

Our heater's maximum electric field levels and maximum magnetic field levels are confirmed by Vitatech Electromagnetics, experts in EMF and the sauna industry's gold standard for third-party validation.  See the report.

No other company currently provides a report showing both maximum electric field and maximum magnetic field.  In fact, most other infrared saunas have such high electric field levels that they won't mention electric fields at all.


No Zero Frequency EMF or Other "Tricks"

Our heaters are truly low EMF at every frequency for both electric fields and magnetic fields.  We do not use DC power, sometimes used to make a heater's fields difficult to measure, and so our heaters have no electric or magnetic fields present at 0 Hz (which are undetectable with the typical tools).


No EMF Hot-Spots

High Tech Health infrared sauna heaters are manufactured to very high tolerances.  For this reason, our heaters have very consistent EMF levels and lack the hot-spots found on other heaters.

Beware of sauna companies that do not provide the maximum field levels found on their heaters because these levels tell you how high the hot-spots are on the heater they tested.  These hot-spots are indicative of your true level of exposure.


Notes About the Measurements Below
The values below are for High Tech Health heaters in our Transcend saunas and are provided by Vitatech Electromagnetics and rounded to the nearest V/m or mG.  The values for competitor heaters were taken in our laboratory and measured in saunas manufactured by the leading factories (no other company at this time publishes third-party data for both maximum electric field and maximum magnetic field).  Values shown are measured at the surface of the backrest because this is typically the highest exposure due to the closest proximity occupants have to the heaters.  All values are 3-axis RMS.

Maximum Electric Field at Backrest

High Tech Health Heaters
Maximum Electric Field Level (V/m)
Other Company's "No EMF" / "Low EMF" Heaters
Maximum Electric Field Level (V/m)
Vitatech Electromagnetics RecommendsMaximum Exposure: 1 V/m
Carbon Heaters
Maximum Electric Field Level (V/m)

Maximum Magnetic Field at Backrest

High Tech Health Heaters
Maximum Magnetic Field Level (mG)
Other Company's "No EMF" / "Low EMF" Heaters
Maximum Magnetic Field Level (mG)
Vitatech Electromagnetics RecommendsMaximum Exposure: 12.57 mG
Carbon Heaters
Maximum Magnetic Field Level (mG)

More Information about EMF

  • Vitatech Electromagnetic's independent report measuring maximum electric field and maximum magnetic field at the surface of our heaters


High Tech Health saunas are used by more health practitioners than any other sauna.  Our products have been written up in more than 40 books written by the most cutting edge health practitioners (no other sauna comes close).


An infrared sauna's power efficiency is determined by how much electricity is used to produce the hot air and infrared inside the cabin.

Electricity → Hot Air + Infrared

The air temperature is the result of the air that comes in contact with the heaters.  The infrared produced by the heaters is absorbed by your body, but very poorly absorbed by the air so has little affect on air temperature.

The element inside a High Tech Health infrared heaters is the surface that gets hot and radiates infrared.  Our reflector-element-protector design keeps the warmed air that contacts the heaters inside the cabin, and the reflector keeps the infrared inside the cabin.

In contrast, most other saunas use large panel heaters that cover most of the inside of a sauna.  A panel heater's entire surface gets hot and radiates infrared.  The half of the surface that is inside the wall heats the air inside the wall as well as the wall itself.  All that energy is completely wasted.  The infrared radiating from the heater into the wall is also completely wasted.

For these reasons, panel heaters are incredibly wasteful of power.  This is why the inside of such saunas are covered in heaters, and why some of those two-person size saunas draw so much power that they even need 20 amp outlets.


UL Recognized Component
UL Recognized Component

Our infrared heaters are safer.  They are an Underwriter's Laboratory (U.L.) recognized component.  That means they meet UL's design requirements and that UL has evaluated them and their materials for safety.  Few companies take this extra step.  In fact, no panel heater has any component-level endorsement of safety.


Our heaters have an extremely long design life.  Our history in the sauna business is also one of the longest, going back to 1997.  In that time, we have yet to replace any heater that has reached the end of its life.  We know of no other sauna company that can say this.

This is another reason why more health practitioners trust High Tech Health saunas than any other.

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