FAQs: Infrared Saunas

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we want to talk to you before you buy. Our products are not for everyone and we want to be sure our products will help you meet your health goals. We could sell our products on the internet and make it impossible for you to ever talk with a person at our company, just like other companies do, but then a significant fraction of our customers would not get the support and help with the products they need to achieve results. People use our products because they get results.

No. We think our products are the best value available and quite affordable.

Yes, and it is one of the great benefits of buying your sauna from High Tech Health! We have more experience than anyone else with using far infrared saunas for detoxification and improving one’s health — our protocols and knowledgeable staff will guide you through it all and ensure you achieve your health objectives.

No, installation is very simple and can be done in about 45 minutes.  The only tool you will need is a screwdriver to attach the door handle and the backrest.  The panels simply latch together and cables connect the electronics between panels.  We recommend that two people, at a minimum, assemble the sauna because some of the panels can be heavy and awkward to move around by oneself.

The warranty is 5 years against manufacturing defects for the heaters, wood, and electrical components. When choosing a sauna and considering a warranty, it is also necessary to choose a company that will actually be around long enough to honor the warranty (a lifetime warranty from a company that has only been around for a couple years is meaningless — companies with a history of less than 10 years have a very high failure rate). The warranty on Thermal Life saunas is provided by the factory, which has been around since 1979.

Yes, we have a 30-day money-back guaranty on our saunas. If you are not getting the results you were after, or are unhappy for any reason during the first 30-days of ownership, you can send it back to us for a full refund less shipping expenses. If you are comparing our sauna to another, beware! Most companies have a restocking charge they may not tell you about, and that is if they will take back your sauna at all.

Chelation therapy is the use of chelation drugs to help the body eliminate heavy metals that are in the blood stream. It is usually administered by a physician over a series of expensive treatments. It can be very good at boosting elimination by bypassing the body’s own chelating process. Unlike far infrared sauna use, it does nothing with regard to chemicals in the body, only metals. And that can be a downside as well since it will purge the body of calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial nutrients that many people are already deficient in. This can be quite dangerous. It also does nothing for metals that are not in the blood stream. Unlike far infrared sauna use, chelation drugs cannot address metals stored in the fat cells, which is one of the places where the body stores them when they overwhelm natural elimination mechanisms.

So in summary, using a Transcend far infrared sauna is much more versatile and the only way to eliminate chemical toxins and toxins not in the blood stream. It is also much more gentle on the body.  Plus, its an investment in a product that you can use over a lifetime and with the whole family — environmental toxins continue to increase in the environment and there is no sign this will change any time soon.

Far infrared is unique in that the far infrared energy is experienced directly as heat and is absorbed and penetrates the body 1.5 to 2 inches. This allows it to mobilize toxins that are stored in the fat cells and eliminate some directly out of the body via the sweat (in addition to the body’s other elimination mechanisms). Old-fashioned saunas only heat the very outer-most layer of skin and do not boost the release of toxins the way a Thermal Life sauna can.

Also, the Thermal Life far infrared sauna is much more comfortable to use. A traditional sauna can be as hot as 180° F to 200° F versus our sauna which does not need to run any higher than 130°F. Old-fashioned saunas can be harsh on the body and use water so as not to dry out the mucus membranes — water is not needed or part of a far infrared sauna (only an electrical outlet is needed). Another important point to understand is that blood pressure starts to increase with temperatures over 140°F and so the body is not kept in a state of balance. The lower temperatures of far infrared saunas mean more people are able to use them and they are enjoyable to use.

Yes. In our long experience we have never heard of anyone who has ever had any problem.

Yes. Metal of any kind is not a problem. You might imagine that since far infrared energy penetrates the body that it could heat up the metal too much — not true. In fact, metal actually reflects far infrared energy.

Yes, it is available in some models — please call to find out. Note that this is mainly for our European customers and comes with a European plug. There is absolutely no advantage to running a sauna at 220V instead of 110V — it will consume the exact same amount of power.

They consume between about 1500 watts and 2000 watts depending upon model. This is similar to a hair dryer. The cost of electricity is different everywhere, but the amount used is not enough to be overly concerned about. We calculated the cost of the electricity in Colorado to be about $2/month and even that is calculated generously assuming one 1/2-hour session everyday.

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