Safety Certifications

Comparing Saunas: Safety Certifications

Safety certifications are one of most important yet most overlooked and least understood aspects of buying a sauna today. And, unfortunately, its not just the customers that do not understand it well, but also even many of the manufacturers!

People often assume that everything electrical these days is tested and mostly risk-free. This is absolutely not the case. Only public places such as clinics, businesses, doctor’s offices, gyms, day spas, etc. are required to have their electrical appliances and devices 3rd-party certified for electrical safety. The government mandates that such electrical equipment must be tested and pass scrutiny by any of the companies that are approved Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETLs).

At the time of this writing, we are not aware of any of the least expensive saunas on the market being ETL tested and approved. All of those manufacturers are new to the sauna business, and they typically come from a wood-working background. That means they do not know electronics. Those manufacturers assume that if they use electrical components that are separately certified, that somehow that translates into the entire sauna being certified. Absolutely false. An entire product must be tested as a complete unit since the individual electrical pieces must perform safely together.

Fires can and do happen. A major sauna company only a few years ago, had a massive recall that put them out of business. That means many of their customers could not even participate in the recall and were forced to junk their saunas. We are aware of another major sauna company that had to close and reopen under a new name and still has trouble with insurance due to the fires caused by their products. (Both of these companies offered a “lifetime warranty”….as you can imagine, warranties from such companies are worthless when they aren’t around to honor them.)

High Tech Health saunas are, and have always been, 3rd-party tested and certified as a whole product and as such we are the sauna-of-choice in patient exam rooms, world-class clinics, day spas, and wellness centers worldwide. For information on the specific safety certifications of High Tech Health products, please see our certifications page.

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