Environmental Concern

Comparing Saunas: Environmental Concern

High Tech Health

  1. We are a carbon neutral / carbon negative company!
    1. We purchase enough high-quality carbon offsets to offset all of the carbon that all of the shipping of our products adds to the environment including the shipping from the factories all the way to your doorstep. In fact, we purchase enough offsets that we don’t just offset our contribution, but actually more carbon than we are contributing.
    2. 100% of our electricity comes from wind sources through our participation in Xcel Energy's Windsource program.
  2. All of our saunas use electronics that have been 3rd party certified as meeting Europe’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances initiative (RoHS).
  3. All of our saunas use LED lighting, the most power efficient lighting available. Since a great deal of electricity is produced from coal which releases mercury (a terribly potent neurotoxin) into the environment, less power consumed translates into less mercury added to our environment. Also, LED lights do not contain mercury the way compact fluorescent technology does, so less mercury finds its way into the environment when you are done with the product.
  4. Thermal Life saunas are built from sustainably harvested wood (both FSC and PEFC certified).


Other Companies

  1. SOME use LED lighting.
  2. FEWER have RoHS electronics
  3. VERY FEW use FSC wood.
  4. NONE make any effort to be carbon neutral or carbon negative.

All of us are continually exposed to toxins in our environment. We feel that a company committed to helping people get toxins out of their bodies, should be equally committed to the environment. It’s a direct reflection of a company’s values. Sadly, values are something frequently lacking in sauna companies. If you are shopping around, always look for 3rd party confirmation of the things you read or are told.

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