Country of Origin

Comparing Saunas: Country of Origin

Like most products today, High Tech Health saunas are produced internationally. They are designed in the United States. We get wood from Europe. We get electronics and wood finish from Korea. We use heaters from a Scandinavian company. Virtually all saunas are assembled in Chinese factories today.

Sometimes we hear the following questions with regards to where our saunas are produced:
“If its assembled in China, aren’t you ever worried that it will somehow be poisoned like some of the stories we hear in the news?”
No. All of our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers in countries with strict and enforced regulations governing product safety. European testing companies TUV and Intertek (see certifications) test and certify that our saunas meet or exceed Europe’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances act – so we know that even the materials used in our electronics meet the strictest standards for safety. High Tech Health saunas are successfully used by some of the very sickest people in need of detoxification – our saunas must be made with strict control of materials and if we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t have such a great record helping people overcome their toxic burdens.

“Why don’t you manufacture in the United States any longer?”
One reason is that we can no longer source every part needed for a sauna in the United States, and that is a legal requirement to label a product "Made in the U.S.A." Also, we must compete on price in order to stay in business and, unfortunately, people are not willing to pay extra to buy one that is made in the United States.

“But I have heard companies claiming that their saunas are made in the United States or Canada?”
When it comes to labeling a product “Made in the USA”, 100% of that product must be sourced in the United States. That means that if one little component in the electronics is sourced from outside the United States, that product CANNOT be legally labeled “Made in the USA”. We challenge any company making this claim to prove it. If a company claims “Made in the USA”, they are almost certainly lying, or at best ignorant of U.S. law. As for “Made in Canada”, their law only requires about 50% or more of materials to be sourced from there. So if a sauna’s wood is from Canada, then that is enough to use the label on your product. By that thinking, our sauna was “Made in Canada” too when we were getting our wood from there, which was for most of our company history.

“I heard someone claim that wood products produced outside of the United States must be fumigated before they can be imported into the United States – is that true?”
That is absolutely not true. That only hints at the desperation and lengths some people will go to when trying to sell their product (and what else are they lying about?). While we cannot speak for all wood products and those from all countries, we can tell you for a fact that it is not true with regards to High Tech Health products. At no time are our materials or final product exposed to anything poisonous, harmful, or really…anything. Making false statements about the competition is illegal marketing -- if you have written materials from a company making these statements about High Tech health, our company’s attorneys would love to have them.

“I wish I didn’t have to buy products that weren’t made in the USA…”
Us too, but some things you just can’t buy American made anymore. For instance electronics. All of the many various components come from all over the world, and trying to source all of them from the United States is no longer possible. For that reason you will never see an electronic product of even medium-complexity that is made in America anymore – including TVs, computers, stereos, telephones, clocks, and yes, infrared saunas.

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