Company History

Comparing Saunas: Company History / Does it Come Recommended?

A great many sauna companies make false claims about their company history. A popular one seems to be to “embellish” how long their company has been in business. While you could look online at records of incorporation to see if a company is telling the truth, a great many people won’t go to that effort, especially if a sales person seems trustworthy. Its important that you consider everything with a healthy does of skepticism.

When it comes to High Tech Health and the validity of what you hear from us, we have gone to extra lengths to distinguish ourselves from the many questionable sauna companies that are out there. Much of what we say we backup with trustworthy third-parties -- whether it is supporting our claims of product safety, or our claims of environmentally friendly products, or the effectiveness of our products (the fact that you were almost certainly referred to our products by your health practitioner and may have even used one in their office), or how long we have been in business (evidenced in various ways, such as seeing our company name in books published a while ago -- the earliest being published in 2000), you can tell from the people and organizations that endorse our products, that you can be assured of getting what you pay for.

When it comes to considering other sauna companies, there is much to be skeptical of and you should do your homework. If you don’t know someone, such as a health practitioner, that knows the product, its probably best if you avoid it. Some mistakes can be quite expensive.

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