Comparing Saunas: Assembly

High Tech Health saunas are simpler and easier to assemble.

All infrared saunas are delivered as a set of panels, typically: 4 walls, a roof, and a floor, with a couple smaller panels making up the bench. Different companies use different methods to attach the panels together: there are latches (used by High Tech Health), magnets, and “hooks” or "keys" (used by most saunas that don't have latches). This may seem like all there is to the decision, but there are other factors contributing to how easy a sauna is to assemble or disassemble (should you want to move it). While it may seem that saunas do not differ much when it comes to assembly, the fact is that the process to assemble a sauna can be quick and painless, or a rather frustrating experience.



Open latch
Closed latch


Easy! Set the panel down on to the base and slide it into alignment with the other panel. The latches are easy to close. Latches are also very easy to open, making disassembly just as easy.


Solid and strong.

Hooks or Keys



More difficult. One panel must be held in the air while its hooks are aligned with the hole in the other panel.


Solid and strong.


No photo available


Depends on the manufacturer – some can be fairly simple.


Magnets do not hold the walls together very securely. People often complain that the walls move when they are leaned on. This also leaves gaps between walls, which make the sauna feel unsafe.

Other Considerations

Weight of Roof Panel

High Tech Health:

The roof in High Tech Health saunas does not house the sauna’s power supply, or have any unnecessary bulk. This makes it easier to lift and set into place.

Other saunas:
Most other saunas have their power supply in the roof, or the roof just has a lot of wood – these are more difficult and heavier to lift into place.

Number of screws / pieces for assembly

High Tech Health Transcend Saunas:
Three screws attach the front window, two screws attach the door knob, and six screws connect the backrest to the back wall.  Two optional screws are used to lock the bench in place, with one more optional screw to lock a side wall in place.

Other saunas:
Other saunas often need many screws, as well as additional pieces that are needed for fastening things together. Some saunas need dozens of screws. Besides adding to the hassle of assembly, these are pieces that can get lost when you are moving homes.

Electrical connections

High Tech Health Saunas:
All electrical connections between panels are simple plugs and sockets, obvious to match up and simple to connect together.

Other saunas:
Other saunas have sometimes fairly fragile electrical connectors that do not feel like they go together very securely.

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