Electric Fields

Comparing Saunas: Electric Fields

A sauna cannot be "low EMF" unless it also minimizes electric field exposure.  Experts consider minimizing electric field exposure to be equally as important as minimizing magnetic field exposure.

All High Tech Health saunas feature Bio-Resonance Heaters that are designed to produce ZERO electric fields.  With our Transcend saunas we took this even further.  Transcend saunas are the world's first saunas to also include electric field mitigation throughout the entire sauna cabin resulting in the lowest total EMF of any sauna.

Beware.  Despite the necessity of addressing electric fields, virtually all saunas claiming to be “low EMF” (and “ultra low EMF”, and “no EMF”) have no electric field mitigation in them whatsoever.  In fact, panel heaters (especially carbon heaters and variations of carbon heaters) expose users to fairly high electric fields.  If EMF is important to you, NEVER buy a sauna from a company that does not address all three kinds of EMF (see Understanding EMF for more information).

What Electric Field Levels Should You Avoid?

EMF consultants in the United States typically recommend keeping exposure below 100 V/m per the National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) draft report published in the July/August 1995 issue of Microwave News.

Evidence supporting biological effect is still coming in and has not yet resulted in requirements, or even scientific consensus.   The precautionary principal says that without certainty, it is recommended that people minimize their risk by prudent avoidance.  That means that consumers are safest if they choose products with the lowest levels.  It is now our company's opinion that EMF will ultimately be confirmed to have a biological impact worth avoiding.

High Tech Health Bio-Resonance Heaters Produce No Electric Fields

All of our saunas feature Bio-Resonance Heaters, which produce ZERO electric fields.  Even the back-side of our heaters produce ZERO electric fields!

High Tech Health’s Bio-Resonance heaters are the most advanced heater available in any sauna.  They are designed by our company President, a degreed electrical engineer, and are patent-pending.  They are the culmination of our over 20 years experience doing medical research and over 18 years experience producing infrared saunas.  High Tech Health Bio-Resonance Heaters are exclusively available in High Tech Health saunas.

High Tech Health saunas have been THE choice for EMF-sensitive people since we began selling saunas in 1998.

Comparing Electric Fields Produced by Heaters from Other Companies

Electric fields are present any time there is electricity.  Unless there is intentional effort to mitigate electric fields, all saunas expose their users to much more than the recommended maximum of 100 v/m.  Even heaters from companies claiming "No EMF" heaters expose users to significant electric fields.  Panel heater saunas, such as carbon heaters, exposure the user to between 4x and nearly 10x the NCRP recommended maximum exposure.  Here is a comparison of the most common heater technologies:

Heater Technology Average Across Backrest Maximum at Backrest in Front of Heater Maximum at Closest Point to HeaterH
High Tech Health Heaters Approx. 0 V/m Approx. 0 V/m 0 V/m
NCRP Recommended Maximum Electric Field Exposure < 100 V/m < 100 V/m
"Low EMF" Carbon Heaters and similar with magnetic field mitigation > 400 V/m > 1000 V/m > 2400 V/m
Carbon Heaters > 2000 V/m > 2000 V/m > 3000 V/m
Ceramic Heaters High High High

High Tech Health Transcend Saunas are the World's First Truly Low EMF Saunas

High Tech Health Transcend saunas are the first in the world to be TRULY low EMF saunas because the maximum electric field level inside the cabin (and outside too) is design to be less than 100 v/m.  Not only do Transcend saunas feature our latest generation Bio-Resonance heaters, but the entire cabin including the electronics and wiring have electric field mitigation.  No other sauna offers this.

Comparing Electric Field Exposure in Other Saunas

One of the reasons that all panel heater saunas, especially carbon heater saunas, have notoriously high electric fields is because the source of those fields (the panels themselves) cover nearly all the walls on the inside of the sauna cabin.  This means you can never get far enough away from them for the fields to be small enough not to matter!  See our measurements below.  In fact, if we had continued measuring, those field levels would have been virtually the same right out the front door of the sauna.

Chart Comparing Maximum Electric Fields

The Importance of Considering Maximum Measurements (not just averages)

Average numbers are useful for getting a rough picture of the field levels, but they misrepresent exposure when there are locations with field levels significantly higher.  In fact, less honorable companies will carefully pick the locations they use for their averages, which allows them to hide the significant spikes.  Therefore, the only real way to know what potential exposure you will have in their product is to also know the maximum levels.  The maximum levels need to be found by looking everywhere, not just a few cherry-picked locations.

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