Magnesium is an essential mineral shown to support a wide variety of health conditions and is a cofactor in over 300 enzymatic reactions making it a key component for the biochemical functioning of many metabolic pathways.

Sadly, meta research has confirmed that, “approximately 50% of Americans consume less than the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for magnesium, and some age groups consume substantially less.” (SOURCE)

There are many forms of magnesium but the most absorbable form is ionic magnesium. Ionic means the mineral has a charge, as opposed to elemental magnesium which has no charge. Charged ionic magnesium allows the mineral to bond readily with water and easily pass through our body.

Foods contain magnesium in an ionic state and here are some of the top sources of this essential mineral:

Top sources of ionic magnesium:

~ Cacao (the nut used to make chocolate… you heard that right! Eat more dark chocolate!)

~ Nuts and seeds (especially almonds and pumpkin seeds)

~ Brown rice

~ Avocados

~ Bananas

~ Spinach

Ionic magnesium in water from the Ionizer Plus

Another great way to get ionic magnesium is through the High Tech Health Ionizer Plus! Our machine both concentrates magnesium naturally present in tap water and gives it a charge making it ionic. In addition, the Ionizer plus is an extremely effective filter that produces clean drinking water, concentrates and ionizes other important minerals, adjusts the pH of your water into an alkaline state, and even produces a small but effective amount of highly beneficial molecular hydrogen gas (H2).

Okay, time to go eat some dark chocolate!