High Tech Health Announces Superior Detox Supplements

High Tech Health introduces the most advanced set of detoxification supplements you can buy.

Contributing to a Better World

High Tech Health is the first and only sauna company, or water ionizer company, to be carbon neutral! Read more about how High Tech Health contributes to a better world.

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Company History


August 29, 1983:

Founded originally as a consulting company, we begin business in Danville, California.


June 15, 1994:

Company begins doing business as High Tech H2O and we start selling our first water electrolyzers.



Always the pioneers, we put up our first website and start doing business on the web at hightechh2o.com. Even Google hasn't been on the web as long as we have!


March, 1997:

We introduce the first version of the Ionizer Plus™.


November 17, 1997:

We introduce the first version of the Thermal Life™ Far Infrared Sauna.


April 3, 1998:

To better reflect our company's direction, we officially change our name to High Tech Health Inc.


January 7, 1999:

The company relocates to Boulder, Colorado. (We do not officially incorporate in Colorado until January 5, 2000)



The company introduces our first supplement formulation.


May 15, 2003:

The company relocates to offices at 1919 7th Street, Boulder, Colorado.


December 15, 2004:

Again, to better reflect the company's direction, we officially change our name to High Tech Health International, Inc.


June 10, 2005:

The company relocates to 4888 Pearl East Circle #202W, Boulder, CO 80301.


January 1, 2010:

High Tech Health proudly announces we are the first company in our markets to be better than carbon-neutral -- we are carbon negative! We accomplish this in two ways. First, we begin partnering with Greenshipping.com, whose PhDs analyze our supply chain and calculate the carbon offsets necessary to eliminate all of the carbon contribution from moving our products from factory to your door. Second, we moved all of our office's electricity to Excel Energy's Windsource program. Everyone has a responsibility for our environment and High Tech Health is pleased to be leading the way.


November 1, 2011:

We announce a breakthrough in supplement design. Our revolutionary delivery mechanism means dramatically better absorption and nutritional delivery within the body. We start offering Vitamin C and Glutathione with this technology to MDs.


April 21, 2014:

We announce the addition of R-Lipoic Acid to our line of supplements and begin providing this technology direct to consumers.


November 17, 2014:

Greenshipping.com, unfortunately, has closed their doors, but High Tech Health continues our program of being carbon-negative.


June 1, 2015:

The company expands to new offices at our current location at 5621 Arapahoe Ave. Suite D, Boulder, CO 80303. Our new location finally has a showroom -- if you are in the area, please come by for a visit.


February 2, 2016:

We announce a flavor improvement for our already best-selling supplements. Now all 3 supplements in the detox cocktail taste great together!